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Hello Welcome to the Nate and Mary Mortenson's Support raising page. We appreciate your support in any of the ways that you able to give it. Through prayer, through emails, through letters, through care packages (we love chocolate!), and of course through your financial support. We are humbled and honored to have so many friends, family members, and acquaintances coming along on our journey with us.

We are asked to raise $16,000 for the two of us each year, so since we are committing to 2 years of service our bill comes to $32,000. These costs help cover expenses such as travel, rent, food, health insurance (a big one), and other costs such as visa expenses, etc. Your money will go directly to the Franciscan Mission Service, who has already committed to support us through our journey, hopefully with your help, if you are able.

Nate and I are committing to live out and embody the charisms of St Francis. Those values include simplicity, generosity, hospitality, and solidarity with those that are poor and marginalized. Through a ministry of presence we will be able to walk side by side with those we come in contact with in Bolivia.

Please accompany us on our journey by following our blog.

Part of our attraction to Franciscan Mission Service is that they do not see this as just a 2 year experience but that this is a life long commitment, to put aside ourselves and participate in the Kingdom that God is bringing about in the world. The kind of kingdom that promotes life, hope, and peace. We hope that as you take part in our journey in whatever way you can, that you will be inspired to find your own way to engage in the kingdom.

Thank you again.

In gratitude,

Nate and Mary
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