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L - Assisting with Communion distribution R - Ready with my own version of a St. Francis banner for Transitus procession in 2013.

Summer 2015

Hello Friends and Supporters!

Thank you for making a donation to sponsor me on mission. We are all parts of the same body of Christ, and without your support, I could not do what I do! We are called to share the Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world. I am so grateful that God has shaped my life to be able to serve Him in this manner.

My faith journey has been filled with angels who helped me along the way. Now, it is my calling to be of help to others. I have seen our brothers and sisters struggle under crushing poverty, yet they put their faith in God above everything else. I use my knowledge and experience to help teens and young adults learn employment skills. I spend time with the elders, absorbing their stories and memories. Children are a special joy, and I use singing and handmade teaching aids to help them learn.

I’ve collected firewood and water in community with my neighbors, and I’ve walked their paths in a very simple life. It is not the life for everyone. By your prayers and donations, you walk those paths with me – you give me the strength and support necessary to work in these faraway vineyards of the Lord. What I have learned in previous journeys is that we missioners are not “knights in shining armor”. Indeed, if we wear any armor at all, it is the armor of Jesus Christ, surrounding us and protecting us as we serve Him.

On my blog, you will share the journey with me, the sorrows and the triumphs that are all a part of mission life:
While I do not yet know where I will be sent, it does not matter. The Lord gave me these gifts, and He knows where they are needed most.

Thanks, you’re an angel!

Peace, and all good, Beth
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